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Nor tight masking tape Or how you’ll spend the next hour Being “tutored” and licked into shape It’ll record you orgasmed freely Convulsing and bucking away Implying you loved every moment An abandoned and wanton display Without any proof of wrong-doing The gang will be gifted free rein They can come anytime and abduct you And they will do … . ” “I suppose you should know where we’re going” There’s a sinister tone to his voice “It’s to meet some sex-hungry convicts If you want to …. Oh, sorry …… no choice” You feel a dull point slowly tracing Some definite lines on your skin “Don’t worry, it’s just an ink marker With a message, before we begin Cougar Tribbing. . You are great fucking woman and handle us very well

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Batard W #05

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Batard W #05

Ayane Suzuki
Belo bumbum e movimentos! @Margot Robbie
Natalia Poklonskaya
Est si es hacer una buena mamada
Chris Jansen
Chloe Addison
This nigga got a small ass dick hahaha