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“Hey that hurt” “Sorry let me just” He took the oil used it on his pecker and some on Pepe’s anus then he slowly approached and put the tip of his penis in position, slowly rubbed It in circles clockwise, gently pushing the tip inside making his partner shudder in response, it easily slid inside, takings his time, he knew there was no rush, first inch inside and he was already moving his hips in circle making Pepe move to keep his pace synchronizing their movements, allowing to pleasure themselves, getting inside on a pace that keep them on a state of ecstasy they never had felt, now Tavo was speeding up ramming him faster and faster, until he came and both boys let out a loud moan that marked the end of the action
. Escaping the pain chapter 1: twas the day before Christmas.

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. . I went to the bathroom to clean myself out and noticed how much cum Tony had shot into me


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Happy Slave

Luke Desmond
Comments on who think they could go pass 2 minutes in this pussy, a lots us would blow out load in about 10 to 15 strokes lol.
Esperanza Del Horno
too much tempting video @Kururigi Aoi
Awesome !!!